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The Boating Festival is also pleased to feature nationally known artist Vanessa Sheldon, who will be painting on-site in the plein-air tradition. One of Vanessa’s oil paintings, “Sailboats on Seneca Lake,” will be available to win by purchasing a raffle ticket. Tickets are $5 each or five for $20. The winning ticket holder need not be present Sunday afternoon at the drawing to win. Proceeds will benefit the All Hands On Deck Campaign for the construction of the Finger Lakes Boating Museum.

Vanessa was featured in the International Art Expo in New York last year. The Expo held at Pier 94 in Manhattan, is one of the top art shows in the country. Vanessa featured above, received positive press from local and national media. 

She is headlining the Geneva Boat Show on July 14th.

We will be featuring nationally-known artist Vanessa Sheldon who will be painting on-site in the plein-air tradition. 


"Vanessa, it is not just the light, but the whole package - all of the elements, that create the response with your art."

-Linda Mariano, Vice President of Marketing &        Licensing at The Thomas Kinkade Company

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Review from the Manhattan Expo:

"I was very impressed by the work I saw there, including the paintings by Vanessa Sheldon...

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