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Patterns & Surface Designs

"This is absolutely beautiful!"  If you are like me, this is the response you want to hear when you invite a guest into your home. I love to make things beautiful, and I love when someone comes into my studio and see's my artwork, or into my home and see's a room I've decorated, and I hear those words. So whether I am making the guest bed, setting the table for family dinner, or wrapping a gift for someone special, I am still combining colors, textures, and patterns, in a way I think is beautiful. And to me, that's art!


Vanessa Sheldon Fine Art Company creates beautiful surface designs, patterns, and art and design solutions in-house for the home, fashion, greeting & gift industries. If you are a licensee or a Manufacturer, we invite you to view our gorgeous assortment of trend forward surface designs and patterns for everyday and holiday items for the home.                                                                  


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